Buy PLR Articles vs Hire a Web Writer: Which One is Better?

First of all, what are PLR articles? PLR stands for Private Label Rights. PLR content are articles you can buy from PLR article sellers. There are tons of them so I assume that you won’t have any problem finding them. PLR articles come in different kinds and are available in almost every topic that you can think of. After you buy them, you can publish them, rewrite them or even resell them depending on the rights included in the package. But are PLR articles a good idea? Or is it better to hire a web writer?

Before I answer that, let me first discuss how to use PLR articles to make money other than reselling them. Well, you can publish them on your blog or website. And because visitors (new and returning) love websites with tons of posts, it can help increase traffic which can eventually lead to sales. If you are creative enough, you can break them into short posts for your social media accounts. You can also use them for free ebooks and autoresponders for your email list, or submit them to article directories.

Pros of PLR articles

Extremely cheap

I can’t say this enough, but PLR articles are very cheap. You can buy a 1,000-article for only $1. They are even cheaper if you buy them in bulk. In fact, some of them are free. But then, a free PLR article would not be as useful as you can expect.

Extremely fast

PLR sites usually sell articles on specific topics taken from a general topic. And as I mentioned above, you can buy PLR articles in package. The quantity depends on the seller. If you need tons of articles instantly, then buying them might be a good solution.

Easy to rewrite

You must remember that PLR articles can be sold over and over again, so you should rewrite them. Nevertheless, most of them are easy to rewrite even if you are not a prolific writer. If you plan to spin them, I suggest you read my earlier post about article spinning first.

Cons of PLR articles

Prone to Google penalty

Knowing that Google becoming stricter about original content, PLR articles can affect your rankings especially if they have been rewritten and published many times. Some writers are not that good in rewriting articles. In fact, many Internet marketers agree that PLR articles are not good for SEO.

Quality is not at its best

I cannot say that all PLR articles are of poor quality. But for sure, even the best PLR articles cannot really be considered as the best. You can just imagine how much the writer was paid per article. And obviously, you don’t expect a PLR article seller to hire someone to review them one by one.

Writing style might not fit to your website

No matter how good a PLR article is, there is still a huge chance that the style of writing will not fit to what you like for your website. The obvious reason is because you did not talk to the PLR article writer. In fact, you don’t even know anything about him.

So, is it better if I hire a web writer instead of buying PLR articles?

Obviously, hiring a web writer has almost all the opposite of the pros and cons of PLR articles. But at the end of the day, it really depends on how you will use those articles. If you want a faster way to use articles for marketing your product or service, then PLR articles can help you a lot. But if you are after quality, then I strongly suggest that you hire a web writer to write original articles. If you really want to buy PLR articles, find a writer who can rewrite articles fast but can make them look original.

Whether you need a web writer to write original articles or to rewrite your PLR articles, I can help you. Please feel free to visit my Contact Page here anytime.

Want to Hire the Best Writers for Your Blog? Follow These 5 Important Tips to Avoid Nightmares

So you’re a prolific blogger, but one time you have to attend some important matters offline and you will not be able to update your blog for awhile. Then, you decided to hire writers online. Well, you can find tons of them on online work platforms such as oDesk and Elance. You can also hire independent web writers like me. But how can you be sure that you’ll be hiring the best writer for your blog?

Let’s define first what ‘best writers for your blog’ means. Obviously, he or she should write well with almost no grammatical errors and misspelled words. I mentioned ‘almost’ because blog posts are usually written not to have perfect grammar but rather more on how to be able to connect with the readers. A good blog post can also attract new followers and is most likely to be shared to others.

Different blogs have different purpose but all of them are about engaging with the readers. Some blogs are created only to inform the readers and have advertisements, while others are to convince readers to buy the blogger’s products or hire his services. But whatever the blog’s purpose is, a blogger should hire a writer who can grab the attention of the readers like the way he does. Below are some helpful tips:

Hire a blogger

Not all writers are bloggers. Some of them don’t know how to use WordPress or Blogger and it will be a waste of time if you will still teach him. Although you can tell him to submit the articles via MS Word, bloggers (or former bloggers) have this unique experience in writing online. They somehow have enjoyed this feeling of excitement every time their blog posts have comments and when they reply to them. And mind you, this wonderful feeling is what bloggers inspire them to update their blogs.

Interview the writer

You can do it via email or Skype. Earlier, I wrote about the 5 Interview Questions you should ask a writer before you hire him. But if you are a hobbyist blogger, you might want to focus more on asking about his hobbies. It’s seems to be better if you hire a writer that has the same hobby as yours. Nevertheless, you can also hire writers who are flexible enough to write about any topic. There are a lot of web writers who can easily adjust to a new topic and can even write better than many hobbyists.

Be very clear in making agreements

How many posts will he write and when should he submit them? How long is the article and how much? What is the format? Do you have a keyword that you to want to be optimized? Make sure he understands everything before you eventually hire him. And because you will be offline for quite some time, it’s better to give him your contact number or an email address of your friend. Don’t allow him to publish his posts yet. Instead, ask him to save them as ‘Pending Review’ so you can review them first.

Give him specific topics to write

If your blog is about personality development, there are many sub topics that you can write. Give your writer some specific topics to write. Among them are motivation, inspiration, and time management. If you allow him to write any topic he likes, he might end up writing a topic that you plan to write later. Choose a topic or category on your blog that you find it hard to write and suggest some titles if possible. In doing so, you are also helping the writer to finish the articles fast and with more specific details.

Can he write like you do?

This is the most important question to ask when it comes to hiring writers for your blog. Remember, your followers love you because not only because of your topic but also because of your writing style. You don’t want to ask to make some changes on his articles because you did not feel the ‘right magic’ when you read them. This is also why you should ask him to submit one article at a time. If you think he cannot write like you do, let him post as a guest blogger or don’t hire him at all even he can write well.


Finding writers for your blog is like looking for someone that mirrors your personality or can imitate you. But this unique skill requires a lot of experience and is not being taught in school. And because such web writers are rare and considered as precious gems, you must be willing to pay the price. Good web writers are like Hollywood actors, they can write on any style that your readers want. So, if you really want to hire the best web writers in town, get the ones who are likely to win an Academy award.

I started blogging back in 2007 and since then, I have written for bloggers with different topics. If you need an experienced writer for your blog, don’t hesitate to visit my Contact Page here and tell me how I can help you.

Hire Filipino Article Writers: Pros and Cons You Should Know Before Hiring One

First of all, I’m a 100% pure Filipino and I have been living in the Philippines since birth. I started writing online in 2007 via blogging. That time, there were only very few local bloggers and many Filipinos still don’t care about the Internet. I had my Facebook account that same year and a Twitter account in 2008. I am also a member of Internet marketing forums such as SitePoint, Digital Point, and Warrior Forum.

BlogRush and Entrecard were then the two popular ways to promote our blogs internationally. Both of them are now closed, but I must admit that they played a huge role in my blogging life. Without them, I wouldn’t able to meet foreign bloggers. Some of them became my good friends and are still active until now. And yes, I’m a huge fan of Darren Rowse of and Maki of

With that, I can say that I somehow have an idea on how Online Filipino Writers (or OFW in a different sense) have evolved over the years. This is my basis for my list of the pros and cons that can help you decide if you want to hire Filipino article writers. Below are some of them:


Freelancer hire Filipino writersFilipino article writers are very affordable

I’m not sure about the fees of online Filipino writers when it comes to academic and creative writing. But in terms of writing ordinary articles, their price can be as low as $1.00 for 500 words. Yes, they do. The screenshot on your left is only one of the solid evidences I saw. Just recently, I met three fellow Filipino writers who admitted to me that they are still accepting such low prices until now even if they can ask for more. They told me that they accept low writing fees to attract more clients, which I totally disagree.

Many Filipinos are fluent in English

A study by GlobalEnglish Corporation in 2012 showed that Philippines is the best country in the world in terms of business English proficiency. The BPO industry in the country is also doing well and Filipino call center agents continue to have a good reputation. We also mix English and Tagalog (Filipino) in our daily conversation. There are a lot of Filipinos who are fluent in English, even those who live in rural and in poor communities. I’m pretty sure many foreigners who have visited the Philippines can prove that.

Filipino hospitality is great

Filipino hospitality is one of the best in the world, I should say. This is what other nationalities truly love about Filipinos. Generally speaking, Filipinos are happy people. We know how to entertain guests and we can also make fun of our problems. This is probably why Filipinos find it easy to get hired abroad. So if you plan to hire Filipino writers, you are most likely to receive royal treatment. And yes, I would like to praise myself here. Many of my clients tell me that they are happy and satisfied on how I treat them.


Many Filipinos writers have no computers at home

I have a laptop with a dedicated Internet connection, but many Filipino writers still don’t have their own computers at home. In fact, two of the Filipino writers I mentioned earlier only visit an Internet café nearby and rent for hours if they have clients. I believe that most Filipinos started to be interested in the Internet only because of social media, but many of them use their cellphones. In that case, you cannot always expect fast replies from them, not unless you are sure that they really have computers at home.

Unexpected power outages

Brownout, as we Filipinos call is a big problem here in the Philippines. Unexpected power failure is the worst enemy of Filipino writers, from North to South and Metro Manila as well. So, if your Filipino writer failed to submit articles on time, he is likely to tell you that their area encountered long hours of brownout. I must admit, power outage is also a huge problem for me. This is why I give at least 24 hours allowance when I make commitments to my clients. I also plan to buy a small generator soon.

Many Filipinos article writers are not familiar with SEO writing

I cannot give you figures, but I can tell you that many Filipino writers are not really familiar in writing for the web. I think that many Filipino bloggers don’t really understand SEO writing. A lot of them just love to write for humans, but not for search engines. They may be good in writing in English but they don’t really know how Google works. Some of them don’t even analyze their web traffic. And because many Filipino freelance writers don’t have a blog, they are likely to have little knowledge about WordPress.

Tips on How to Hire Filipino Article Writers

Just like other English speaking nationalities, there are also Filipino writers who are good in spoken English but not that good in writing in English, and vice versa. The challenge for you now is to find the right Filipino writer for you. Here are some of my tips, based on my experience.

1. If you really want quality, don’t offer very low and unrealistic price. For me, it is direct insult to Filipinos. We may be living in a third world country, but we can also compete in the global market.

2. Don’t hire a multitasking Filipino VA (Virtual Assistant) if you only need a writer. Instead, hire a Filipino who is focused on writing only. Then, hire another one for the other tasks.

3. Embrace our culture, and you will definitely like it. Filipinos are known to be very close with their families, and we are willing to do everything for them. Please understand that we have many holidays.

4. Respect our race, and we will also respect yours. Please don’t think that Filipinos are lazy and scam. I honestly believe that there are scammers and lazy people from every country around the world.

5. Don’t pity us. The economy in the Philippines may not be as great as in your country, but it doesn’t mean Filipino web writers are begging for clients. We are here because we know we can serve you.

If you want to hire a Filipino web writer, please visit my Contact Page and let’s talk business.

Why You Should Hire Web Writers to Write Product Descriptions That Can Really Sell

So, you have an e-commerce site and you are now about to write product descriptions. Yes, you can save some money because you’re doing them yourself. If there’s one person in the world who knows best about your products, it’s you and only you, right? But can you write them well enough and make sure that they will sell? If you’re not sure, then let me explain why you should hire a web writer to do them for you.

But first, here’s some useful tips for writing product descriptions that sell.

Know your target buyers

Are they from US only, from UK only, or from anywhere around the world? What is their age bracket? What is their status in life? These are only some of the questions you should ask yourself about your target buyers. Note that different people have different level of understanding. If you don’t know whom you are selling your products, how can you convince them to buy from you?

Choose the right words

It is very important that you choose the right words in explaining your products. Some people have no full understanding about software or smartphone apps but they want to buy one. If your words are too technical for them, they will feel insulted and will immediately leave your site to look for another one. You also don’t need to use deep adjectives. They just need to create a very strong impact to your readers.

Keep it short and easy to scan

Here’s a painful truth. Most readers really don’t read the entire content. They just scan them with their eyes and look for the words that will tickle their feelings to buy. Therefore, your product descriptions should be short and clear. To make it easier to scan, use bullets instead of long paragraphs. Clear and attractive photos can help, but they can be useless if the description is very long and boring to read.

Don’t tell your readers you’re selling the best product

First of all, the word ‘best’ is overused. Buyers these days are smarter than before, and gone are the days that you can still fool them with that word. Second, it sounds like you are only marketing your products. Buyers hate marketers simply because they feel these people only want to make money from them. So, instead of saying your products are the best, choose a set of specific words that truly fits your product.

Enumerate the benefits

People buy products because they want to benefit from them. They want to make sure that they are only buying products that can satisfy their needs. They are not really interested in you and how you were able to create them. So, instead of simply telling the readers the features of your products and how great they are, tell them how useful they are to them. However, make sure you are really telling the truth.

Educate you readers

People always love to learn something new. Shoppers have smiles on their faces when they are pampered with additional information. Unfortunately, some sellers fail to grab this opportunity because it is not really considered as part of the requirements to sell. But still, it is an added attraction for potential buyers. They might not be able to tell you how thankful they are but they will never forget your store.

But why do you really need a web writer to write product descriptions for you?

As a product owner, it’s very easy for you to describe your products when you are in front of a potential buyer. But speaking is totally different from writing. Unless you tell me that you are also a professional writer, then you may not need one anymore. Also, don’t forget that writing product descriptions for the web is not the same as those for printed magazines and newspapers. This is another huge factor that you should consider.

If your business has already an established name in the industry and your products are being sold on Amazon or eBay, you are likely to let your employees or engineers to write them for you. But still, hiring a web writer has great advantages that you have never thought about. Here are only some of them:

Web writers can create emotions

The urge to buy something online or offline is a result of emotion. There are times that a shopper is still hesitant to buy even if they badly need the product. Why? Because the product description was not able to seduce their buying emotions. Web writers are like artists; they can put themselves in the shoes on different kind of readers. They spent years in improving their ‘magical powers’ in dealing with feelings.

Web writers know about SEO writing

If you have no basic idea on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) writing and you plan to write your own product descriptions, think twice before doing it. SEO writers don’t write only for humans, but also for search engines such as Google. If you use the wrong keywords and you are not aware on how Google algorithms work, you might only waste your time. This is because most real buyers are from the search engines.

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Web writers know how to use the correct voice

Yes, writing product descriptions also needs a correct voice especially now that social networking sites are very popular. Your online business store can have thousands of legitimate followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. But if your sale is very low as compared to your competitors, you might need to change your tone. And your product engineer or sales manager might have no solid experience in this field.


Again, you can always write your own product descriptions if you like. You can follow the tips mentioned above and even search for more elsewhere. But here’s the problem. It takes time to master the art of writing them that can sell fast. With proper marketing, you can have tons of web visitors and social followers. But at the end of the day, it’s still how you can convince them to buy from you.

If your sales are low and you think you have problems with your product descriptions, please don’t hesitate to visit my Contact Page and show me your online store.

Plan to Hire Web Writers from oDesk or ELance? Here are the Pros and Cons

Last time, I wrote an article about the pros and cons of hiring an independent web writer like me. This time, it’s about hiring web writers from global online work platforms such as oDesk, Elance, and These companies have been around for years and still continue to grow. All of them offer various kinds of different online freelancers. But if you are looking for some odd workers, then Fiverr is definitely the right place to go. Now, is there a catch if you hire web writers from them?

I would also like to emphasize that there are actually tons of similar sites. Some of them are still new and might not that big yet. But I can tell you that there are those that have a promising future. However, note that this article is not a review of one online work platform only, but rather all of them in general. I’m not also here to promote or mock any of them. I wrote this post to help website owners before they decide to hire writers from them. So, if you’re ready; let’s start with the advantages first.

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Writers are Cheap and Very Affordable

Yes, writers on oDesk, Elance, Fiverr, and others are very affordable. If your main goal is to save money from writers, then hiring from any of them is good option. While there are writers who offer their services on a per hour basis, you can easily hire a $5-article writer or even cheaper for multiple orders. You can imagine the stiff competition of writers, so some of them tend to lower their price to attract more clients. Therefore, this is a great advantage especially for new website owners.

You have a wide choice of writers

As I said, there are many freelancer writers on these sites. So, if you are skeptical about a writer’s ability, you can easily find another one. Each writer or any freelancer has their own profiles that you can check first. And because these outsourcing sites are global, you can find writers from different countries in the world including from Asia. This will give you a better idea if they are really the right writer for you or not. This is also the reason why some writers are much cheaper than the others.

You can easily make a feedback

Just like other online work platforms, oDesk and Elance have a feedback system. Here, you can report writers whom you felt have problems in their works, such as late submission. Fiverr have this countdown timer that reminds the sellers how much time left to complete the order. They also have this rating system, which means the freelancers with higher ratings are being preferred by many clients. However, not all writers with low ratings are bad. Some of them happen to be new members.

Your money is most likely secured

I’m not sure of the exact steps of each site when it comes to payment. But in general, a client offers a job and a writer applicant submits a bid. After they agree, the client sends the payment to the website and not directly to the writer. After he approves the work, that’s the only time the writer will receive the payment. If the writer fails to meet the requirements, he should change it. Otherwise, he will not be paid. With that, you can be sure that your money is secured. You only pay what you ordered for.


You cannot find the world’s greatest writers

I’m not saying that all writers in these sites are not worth hiring. But if you want to hire the best web writers in the world, you will never find them there. Great writers (especially copywriters) will not allow their brains for rent for a significantly low price. If you can find fairly good writers, it may be that they are not full-time writers or they are just in the beginning of their careers. In my opinion, good web writers really don’t need these sites to have clients. They just need to market themselves properly.

There is a great communication gap

Freelancers in these outsourcing websites are not allowed to share their contact information to clients. Therefore, you cannot communicate with them directly. To some people, this is a huge disadvantage as some instructions are better given via Skype or similar means especially for a complicated project. Talking to your writer personally also adds a special bonding, which I believe is a huge factor in earning trust. Communication gap may also lead to longer time in finishing a project.

You will find it hard to hire the right writer for you

This is actually the effect of not being able to know the real identity of the writer you hired. Sometimes, you don’t really need the best web writer, but rather just someone who can give you what you need. Some freelancers can be smart enough in exaggerating making their profiles to make it look attractive and convincing. But once your hire them, you’ll discover that they are not really telling the truth. I can assume that many of these sites don’t have a keen pre-qualification process.

Some sites might not be treating their freelancers fairly

This is not a fact, but neither a wild guess. I won’t name a site but you can search Google, and you can find some freelancers (especially writers) complaining about their sad experience from some of these sites. No, it’s not that these sites are scam, but rather the way they are being treated. The truth is, there are some unreasonable clients and writers. But if the claims are true and these outsourcing sites don’t make an action, how can you be sure that your writer will work professionally for you?


You can never find a perfect outsourcing site, but you can do something to avoid problems if you are smart enough. If you really want to hire web writers from oDesk, Elance and others, you should be willing to take the risk. Always remember that the main goal of these sites is to make money from every transaction. So before choosing any of them, make sure you clearly understood how the site works. Read their Terms of Service carefully and follow their Rules and Regulations religiously.

If you prefer hiring an independent web writer like me, please feel free to visit my Contact Page and leave a message.

Want to Hire an Independent Web Writer? Read These Pros and Cons First

You can easily hire a web writer online, but it is quite hard to find the one that can meet your needs. Basically, you have two choices in hiring a web writer. You can visit, Odesk, Elance, to name a few. On the other hand, you can also hire an independent web writer, like me. But before doing so, you should first understand its advantages and disadvantages.

As you can see, I have as my online portfolio. I’m also a member of a few online writing job sites but I prefer going solo. Most of my clients now came from referrals from my previous clients. I also introduce myself directly to website owners and bloggers whom I think might need to hire a web writer. I also have clients who said they found my website on search engines.

Now, what are the pros and cons if you hire someone like me? Let me explain them one by one for you.


You will Have a Better Information About the Writer

After reading the About page, you will know his or her history, educational attainment, and other credentials. Most web writers also include samples and testimonials from their previous clients on their websites, as well as their service fees. And most of all, you can interview the writer through Skype or email. Therefore, you have many ways to know if he is really the right writer for the job.

You Will Know How the Writer Writes

By simply reading his articles or blog posts, you will easily know his writing abilities. Besides checking his grammar and punctuations, you will also know how he chooses words. Web writers have different writing styles and expertise. A web content writer is different from a web copy writer, but both of them can be SEO content writer. Through his writings, you will know what kind of writer he is.

You Will Know How the Writer Thinks

Yes, you can. Writers don’t just write about themselves, they also write about their opinions and ideas about some things related to their craft. Some of them even give tips and suggestions on their posts, which can help improve your articles. You might also read some things that you don’t agree with him, which you can use as a reason for not hiring him.


He Might be an Alien

Sad but true. Anyone can tell a lie on his About page; anyone can invent a name or identity. And because independent web writers are not under the control of any company, you will have a hard time tracking him if he deletes his site and runs away. This is why you should find ways on how you make sure that he’s for real. You can search his name on the web or talk to his previous clients.

He is For Real but His Writings and Ideas Are Not

These days, it’s very easy to copy articles online and pretend that he’s the one who wrote it. Anyone can also write that he is an expert on anything. This is especially true when it comes to SEO content writing. You should learn to analyze if he’s really writing his own ideas or just pretending to be smart. Or better yet, during the interview, ask him about his ideas and ask him more about them.

You are Prone to Late Submission of Articles

Any writer can make an excuse for not submitting the articles on time and all you can do is to wait. Although most of them have really no intention in submitting late articles, you will still end up disappointed. I therefore suggest that you have a reasonable allowance when giving target date of submission. If you need those articles within one week, tell him you need them in four days.

Final Note

Whether you want to hire independent web writers or from online writing job sites, there will always be pros and cons. The more important thing is that you know what to do to avoid the painful consequences of the cons. You should always do a thorough research before trusting anyone, especially in the Internet.

If you decide to hire an independent web writer, don’t leave this page. Instead, visit my Contact Page and let’s talk on how I can help you.

3 Simple Ways to Test Web Writers Before You Hire Them

How to Test Web WritersWeb writers for hire are everywhere. In fact, they come in different sizes and shapes. But of course, you need to be very careful before you hire them. Don’t just decide based on interviews and samples of their work. Besides scrutinizing the details on their online portfolios, it’s better if you will also test them.

The first thing that would come into your mind is to give them English Proficiency tests, which I totally disagree. Remember that you’re hiring a web writer, not an office employee. In the offline world, such kinds of tests are applicable. But since this is an online exam where one can easily search almost about everything including correct answers to exams, I really think it’s not practical to do so.

As a matter of fact, I found 2 online tests (English Proficiency Test 1 and English Proficiency Test 2 (Reading Comprehension)) that a lot of writing jobs sites are now giving to their writer applicants. If you are using one or both of them, I strongly suggest that you remove them. Otherwise, anyone can easily have a perfect score, even a 13-year old kid. You might end up hiring unqualified writers for your team.

No worries, there are other ways to test web writers before you finally hire them. I even think that these kinds of tests are better than any English test available online. But unlike what our teachers do during our school days, you don’t need to prepare that much. Here are three of them:

Invite them to chat with you

While you think that talking to them or hearing their voices is an effective way to know them better, it cannot be considered as a test. Don’t forget that you’re hiring a writer, not a speaker. Not all great writers can good speakers (Ouch!) and vice versa. In fact, I had some earlier clients who are great speakers and motivators, but they admitted to me that they cannot express their ideas well through writing.

While chatting to applicants, you can easily notice their style of writing especially if you’re hiring them for blog posts or promotional articles. Although you can’t always expect correct spelling on chat, you can check their grammar and the words they use. But most of all, chatting is impromptu, which means you can be sure that they are the ones writing their messages.

Offer them to write a free test article

Yes, you read it right. Offer your web writer applicants to take a free test article. At the first glance, you can take advantage if they agree because you can save money. But not really, and you’ll be surprised why. You see, writers who are confident that they can pass the test know that you will use their articles later. They know for themselves that their articles can attract readers, so they prefer being paid.

On the other hand, some new good web writers think that giving away free articles is a great way to market their services, but it still depends on the situation. I wrote a couple of free marketing copy articles when I was just starting. I volunteered to write for free to some people I met online so I can test myself. But it’s entirely different when a writer is looking for a potential client.

Offer them very low prices

If you want quality, pay good money for it. If you offer an unreasonably low price to a writer applicant and he unhesitantly accepted it, run away immediately and don’t ever come back. A good web writer will never allow himself to be paid lower than he thinks he deserves, even if he lives in a third-world country. A confident writer will even demand higher prices than what you think he deserves.

However, this tip might not be applicable you’re hiring a newbie writer, so you should also consider that. As expected, new web writers don’t know yet how much they should charge clients. But still, it is still not an excuse for him hem to say “yes” if the price is too low. So if he said, he’ll think it over, there’s a huge chance that he is a good writer. Probably, he’s just confused, and he doesn’t know yet how to say no.

If you need a web writer and you want to test if I’m the right one for the job, visit my Contact Page here.

How to Hire Web Writers With Online Portfolio

Hire web writers with online portfolioIf you plan to hire web writers, you surely want to have people fit for the job. Most likely, you will conduct interviews, ask for samples, and give them some tests. Most of all, you would want to hire writers with online portfolio. But if they have one, should you hire them at once? Not so fast, my friend.

What exactly is an online portfolio?

No, it is not the same with the resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) job applicants use. A web writer’s online portfolio can be a simple website that has About page, Contact page, writing services details, sample work, and testimonials from previous clients. Blog posts are optional, but can definitely help. Let me discuss each page so you’ll know how to check them.

About page

An About page should not only talk about the identity of the web writer but should also contain his educational attainment, writing history, and photo. The photo should either be the latest or at least near his present age. But don’t be fooled with his politician’s smile. Looks can be deceiving, you know. Make sure also that photo is legitimate. You can Google the name of the writer to check his other photos on other sites and social profiles.

Contact page

A Contact page should not be judged by the design alone, but more on its content. Yes, it should not simply ask your name and email address. It should also contain tips on how you provide him all the details he needs, which can help you save time. Although it may have some anti-spam features, they should not be as difficult as when leaving comments on blogs. You are a potential client, not a blogger.

Writing Services page

What kind of writing services does he offer? Is it copywriting, academic writing, SEO writing, or what? Think twice if he says he can write almost all style of writings. Although it can be possible, it’s better if you hire an expert instead of someone who claims being Jack of all Trades. Some web writers have a separate Terms and Conditions page. But if there’s none, you should find its details on this page.

Writing Samples page

This page can be very tricky, so don’t fall easily under its spell. Some of them are in pdf files while others can be screenshots of web pages or MS Word documents. If it’s downloadable, download at least one of them and check if you can find it search engines. If they are screenshots, you can copy at least two sentences and search them on Google. Contact the owner and ask him who wrote it.

Clients’ Testimonials page

Just like samples, attractive testimonials can also fool you, so be very careful. These days, it is very easy to steal someone’s identity and photos, especially from social sites. Not to mention, it is also easy to create fake testimonials. A credible testimonial contains the company name or website of the writer’s clients. As much as possible, pick one and contact him to verify if he really was a legitimate client.

Blog posts

Again, blog posts are optional but can be considered as a plus factor. A web writer with a blog proves that he can really write. Through his published posts, you can also have an idea on his opinions on certain matters. If he can attract you through his writings, chances are, he can also attract your clients through his work. But still, make sure that he did not hire a ghost writer.

Hiring web writers with online portfolio is definitely a good idea. Besides helping you to easily decide if he is the right one for you or not, it also helps you save your precious time. You don’t anymore need to ask a lot of questions when you interview him. Just make sure that you read all his web pages first before you contact him. Otherwise, he might think that you are not serious in hiring him.

If the contents of my online portfolio passed your requirements for a web writer, visit my Contact Page here and tell me how I can serve you.

How To Pay Web Writers: Per Word vs Per Hour vs Per Project

How to Pay Web WritersIf you are to pay web writers for your website or blog, it can either be per word, per hour, or per project basis. Choosing which among them is better can be tricky, especially if the writer also don’t know how to decide. In that case, how do you know that you are entering a win-win deal? Well, you can start by understanding how web writers work on each kind of payment, based on my own perspective.

Per word

For easy computation, let’s use $5 for 500 words as an example. This means that your writer will charge you $0.01 per word. If he can write it in 1 hour, then his hourly rate is $5 per hour. While this looks simple, but actually, it’s not. Depending on the writer, if the topic seems to be easy for him, then he can write it for less than an hour. But since you will not be paying him on hourly basis, he can still have time to review the article without sacrificing his pay. The same thing goes if he finishes it for more than one hour. This will therefore help increase the quality of the work, which you can also benefit from.

Per hour

As I mentioned earlier, the hourly rate of a web writer is measured on how long he can write the article. In some cases, clients use tachometer or a device that measures speed to monitor their writers. This is to make sure that the articles are being done based on their agreement with their writers. Just recently, I came across a site that monitors the activity of their virtual employees (including writers) via software. While I agree that you have the right to monitor your workers, I am not in favor of watching writers at work. I even think that’s ridiculous. For me, web writers are unique species, not your typical workers.

Per word vs per hour

Being a former supervisor in various manufacturing companies for more than 10 years, one of my major tasks is to monitor my subordinates and check their output on hourly basis. I noticed that their output is higher when I am not watching them every now and then. The reason is clear; they don’t feel tense or pressured. You see, people who know their job well and understand their target know their responsibilities. How would you feel if your boss is behind you while you are working?

For us web writers, finding the right timing is more important than time. We are not news writers who need the job done super fast. Just like creative writers, we have different moods, too. Sometimes, we also wake up on the wrong side of the bed. So, if we are being forced to finish a work based on the per hour rate, we might not be giving you the highest quality that you expect.

Per project

Paying on per project basis works well for promotional articles or copywriting. With this kind of articles, length is not really that important. It’s more of how the article can convince the readers to make an action. So whether it’s three sentences, 300 words, or 500 words, price should not matter. In fact, I believe that you should not require the copywriter to get it done on specific date and time. Instead, give him all the details that he needs to create a perfect copy. Talking to him personally can help a lot.

For best results, I don’t suggest negotiating the price for copywriting projects. Remember, copywriting can either make or break a sale. If you really want to get your money’s worth, go for quality. Before hiring a copywriter, read his earlier works and ask for testimonials of his previous clients. If possible, talk to them and ask if his copy produced positive results or not.

Per word vs per project

In my case, I have not encountered a client offering a per project payment for ordinary articles. But one time, one client offered me a package offer for all the articles for his online store. This includes About page, FAQ, Product Description, etc. We then agreed on a per page payment and considered the entire project as copywriting because he is selling products on his website.

I suppose that you can do the same if we are building a business website. If your web writer prefers per project payment, ask him how much he charges per word or per hour. From that, you can have an idea on his basis for price per project. Now, you can easily decide if you’ll enter the deal or not.

Should you pay your web writer upfront?

Yes, you should pay your web writer in advance. It’s either you pay him in full, or 50% down payment before the project and the remaining balance upon the completion of the project. As a web writer, my answer is obviously biased. But then, paying your writer upfront means you don’t just trust him, it also means you have a high respect on his skills. If you don’t trust him completely, then don’t hire him.

But what if you’re already a regular customer? For me, it makes no difference at all. He has earned your trust, so there’s no reason for changing the way you pay him. You see, hiring a web writer is a lot different from hiring an ordinary employee. It’s like getting a business partner.

So, if you want to hire me, you’ll have to pay me either per word or per project, but definitely not per hour. Simply leave me a message via my Contact page and tell me how I can help you.

Article Spinning vs Article Rewriting: When is One Better Than the Other?

Article spinning vs Article rewritingArticle spinning vs article rewriting, which one should I prefer? This question has been asked for ages, and the answer depends on how the articles were used and the belief of the user. As a web writer who has never been engaged in article spinning (and will never be), my answer is bias – article spinning is bad. But for the benefit of the doubt, I’ll now try to explain the difference between the two and will let you decide.

What is article spinning?

Generally speaking, article spinning is a process of rewriting articles multiple times (usually by the hundreds) in a very short period of time. There are different kinds of article spinning, depending on the variations. Some users prefer changing the words only, while others like the entire article to be rewritten. You can find tons of article spinning software everywhere, but I really don’t suggest trying them.

In most cases, Internet marketers and website owners use this technique to build links to their website. Affiliate marketers who cannot write well but don’t want to hire writers use them for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Spun articles are submitted elsewhere with a backlink to their websites, while others use them for offline marketing. It is considered as a Black Hat SEO because it is duplicate content in nature.

But then, some users say that as long as the spun articles are more than 80% original content and can be read by humans, then it is alright to use them. Likewise, some users said that manual article spinning is better because it is being done with a “human touch.” After the release of Google Penguin and Google Panda, article spinning was believed to have greatly reduced because of the fear of being penalized by Google. But still, many believe that it is effective as long as it is “done properly.”

What is article rewriting?

As the term implies, it is a process of rewriting articles just like article spinning. In fact, you can also rewrite articles as many times you can. But since it is done 100% manual rewriting, it takes longer to finish one. They can also be more than 80% original content but are more readable by humans as compared to spun articles. If you hire a good article rewriter, then you should be ready to invest more money than what you usually pay for article spinning software. However, you can be sure of better quality with the same concept or idea of that article.

For me, article rewriting is not just rewriting word for word. When I’m being hired to rewrite articles, the first thing that I do is read them thoroughly and understand the concept. Then I check Google for similar articles and add or change some information and use my own words. Then I read the rewritten article over and over until I’m convinced that the article I created is nearly 100% original content. Otherwise, I make additional changes before I submit them to my clients. So far, none of them have returned their articles to me or even complained about my work.

When should I use article spinning software instead of hiring a web writer?

Based on my explanation above, there are four major reasons or instances when you should prefer article spinning over article rewriting.

• You need tons of rewritten versions of your article
• You need those spun articles in less time
• You really don’t care much about quality
• You are willing to take the risk

On the other hand, you are likely to hire a web writer if you treat your articles as lifetime investment. But of course, you cannot just hire any writer. He should know how to rewrite articles the right way. No more, no less.

I have rewritten tons of articles for satisfied clients. If you need a web writer who can help you, simply leave me a message via my Contact page.