An Open Letter to all Website Owners Who Have Tons of Useless Web Traffic

Dear visitor,

First of all, I congratulate you for being an open-minded person. This is the best attitude of someone who believes that Internet offers great opportunities to succeed, whether you are an entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, a blogger, or someone who offers a great product or service.

These days, social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are very useful in your marketing strategy. They can also help you in building a healthy relationship with your clients. However, you might be wondering why your website ROI is still lower than your expectations.

Yes, your website design is great and you have tons of web traffic. But we all know that not every visitor is a sure client. There are those who were simply attracted by your sparkling ads. Others may want to buy your product or get your service but have doubts if they will get their money’s worth.

Without your knowledge, you have tons of useless web traffic and the problem might be your web content or articles. To understand more what I mean, here are some of my ideas on why your web visitors are not being converted into customers, along with my recommendations.

Awesome Headlines vs Magnetic Headlines

Awesome headlines are those that can make someone stop whatever he is doing and arouse his curiosity. In a more profound meaning, magnetic headlines are the ones that aim to produce specific but doable results, and can convince the readers to make an action.

Ex: “How to Effectively Promote Your Business via Facebook” vs “How to Convert Your Facebook Fans into Clients in 2 Minutes” Did you notice the difference?

By the way, an average adult can read 250-300 words in 1 minute, or 60 seconds. This means you may have to spend another minute reading this page.

Hiqh Quality Web Content vs Right Web Content

High quality web content means 99.99% error-free and has a huge potential to attract more readers. However, it does not mean it can always produce positive results. But when you say right web content, it means the article is written with the right words to attract the targeted visitors, who are 99.99% sure to be your client.

No, I’m not saying you should not go for high quality articles. However, a well-written article is useless if it does not serve the right purpose. If it talks about selling the product, readers will not buy if they don’t clearly understand its benefits, not matter how many “Buy Here” keywords it has.

Expensive Writers vs Right Web Content Writer

The word “expensive” is subjective. A $5-article writer may be cheap in some countries, but can be expensive in others. It is also associated with the kind of quality a writer writes. On the other hand, the right web content writer is someone you hired for the right job, regardless of how much you pay him.

Now, here are a few suggestions:

    • Re-read some articles in your website. But this time, read them as a consumer and not a seller. Make sure that you’ll find customers’ benefits and compelling call-to-action verbs, instead of tons of exaggerating adjectives describing your product.

    • Ask someone you know to review your landing page. He should not be a relative, close friend or a colleague, and don’t tell him that it is your website. That way, you can be sure that his opinions will not be biased.

    • If you have done either of the two or both and you have doubts, ask your writer to revise the ones you think that need some changes. But after revising them a couple of times and you’re still not satisfied, maybe he’s not the right web content writer for you.

Sincerely yours,
Angel Cuala

If you think you have tons of useless web traffic and you want me to help you, visit my Contact Me page.

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